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WelcomStar Wars Hasbro 2010 Clone Wars Carded 3-3 4 Inch Jungle Camo ARF Trooper - MIBe, you are here at our news aggregator site.

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Below the fold you will find feeds bringing you conservative / republican / independent /Star Wars IV Eine neue Hoffnung Deluxe Figuren Set -10 legendärste CharaktereStar Wars Jawa & WED Treadwell Droid BD04 2009 Legacy Collection Droid FactorySTAR WARS Jodo Kast Bounty Hunter K-Mart EXCLUSIVE 3.75 figure MIP tea party friendly “news you can use and need to know”. From the latest headlines to advocacy alerts and action items, WRN feeds range from NY specific news to DC to National issues. You will find commentary from candidates and pundits, think tanks and foundations, and well established national media. Politics, policy, and constitutionality are all covered and encompass a wide range of topics including; taxation, debt, budget, and economics; laws, legal issues, and legislation; campaign issues; holding Federal and State government accountable; media bias; national security; second amendment rights; public unions; Obamacare; illegal immigration; social and culture issues; history, federalism, founder’s intent, and constitutional adherence or violations thereof; and more, including some tools you can use.

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The emphasis here at WRN is Freedom Liberty and American exceptionalism, and the holding of certain truths and certain values, as self-evident. We are fighting to save our great Republic and must protect, preserve, and promote, as well as demand a return to, our proper constitutional principles throughout the nation. Now more than ever we are fighting back against the advance of Statists and Collectivists pushing decades of progressivism’s agenda; Class warfare, race baiting, the destruction of our social fabric, entitlement mentality, and other regressive tactics; Crony capitalism, political corruption, collusion, and the public sector unions which have become a cartel; Socialism rearing it’s ugly head, streaks of Fascism running through our country, blatant and more frequent violations of Oaths of office, a disregard for our sovereignty, and in some cases even outright sedition.

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This is not our first great awakening but we fear it could be the last. The conservative movement rose up just over 30 years ago and ended the malaise in America, but this time it’s more than just malaise – we must end the destruction of the God-fearing American Constitutional Republic itself. Together through our vigilance and our toil, we will right our listing ship and get it back on it’s proper course. It is our calling, our duty, and it is “what’s right”!

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